1. Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award from MIT Mechanical Engineering for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant in 2.002 Mechanics and Materials II (2015)
  2. Den Hartog Travel Award in Mechanics of MIT Mechanical Engineering: awarded bi-yearly to a student in the field of Mechanics for participation in a scientific conference (2015)
  3. Luis de Florez Award (honorable mention) of MIT Mechanical Engineering for outstanding ingenuity and creative judgment in areas that utilize mechanical engineering knowledge or practice (2015)
  4. Best Poster Award at New England Workshop on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Amherst, MA, for the poster  “Modeling propulsion of bacterial flagella” (with Noor Khouri) (2014)
  5. GSNP Student Speaker Award for the best contributed talk at the American Physical Society March Meeting, Denver, CO, by a graduate student in the area of Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (2014)


  1. James B. Angell Scholar for 8 consecutive terms of all A’s record. From the College of Engineering, 2 students received the award (2012)
  2. Henry Ford II Distinguished Class Prize. Presented to one outstanding junior in the College of Engineering who  emonstrated academic excellence. Three students shared the award (2011)
  3. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society for ranking in top 7.5% of junior and top 10% of senior class (2011-2013)
  4. Class of 1935E Scholarship: A College of Engineering merit award (2011-2012)
  5. Charles H. Sayre Scholarship: A College of Engineering merit award (2010-2011)
  6. SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering) fellowship in Computer Science and Engineering (not availed). Acceptance rate: 19.5% (2010)
  7. William E. Bandemer Scholarship: A College of Engineering merit award (2009-2010)
  8. Margaret S. Huntington Prize in Actuarial Outreach: A scholarship program in Department of Mathematics to call attention to careers in actuarial science and mathematics of risk (2009)
  9. IPE Ambassador Travel Grant for representing College of Engineering in China (2009)
  10. William J. Branstrom Freshman Prize for ranking in top 5% of freshman class (2009)
  11. Dean’s List every semester for above 3.5 GPA with >12 graded credit hours (2008-2012)
  12. University Honors every semester for above 3.5 GPA with >14 credit hours and >12 graded credit hours (2008-2012)